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Syrris | Asia Modules

Asia is a modular system. All the Asia modules can be purchased separately and arranged in any fashion to add new functionalities to an existing system. Your system evolves with your needs.
Watch the new videos to see the wide range of flow chemistry modules and reactors available:

Asia Syringe Pump Video Asia Synthesis Modules and Flow Reactors Video Asia Post-Synthesis Modules Video

Sample Introduction

Asia systems can operate in continuous production mode where reagents flow through the chemically resistant pumps or it can operate in small-scale synthesis mode where reagents can automatically be injected through sample loops.

asia Pressurized Store
Asia Pressurized Input Store
This module pressurizes four bottles with an inert gas enabling the use of air sensitive reagents and eliminates bubble formation when pumping.
asia syringe pump
Asia Pump
(2 Channels, No Syringes)

Two extremely chemically resistant continuous flow pumps deliver ultra smooth flow from 1µl/min to 10ml/min each. Rated 20 bar (300psi) with integrated PTFE pressure sensor
asia Reagent Injector
Asia Reagent Injector
Two injection valves with injection volumes of 1ml, 5ml or 10ml which can be controlled manually or fully automated.

Flow Reactors

Asia offers a wide range of reactor sizes in both solution phase and solid phase chemistry for reaction optimization or preparative synthesis.

asia Micro Reactor
Asia Glass Microreactors
Designed specifically for flow chemistry, Asia microreactors offer excellent chemical resistance, high pressure, wide temperature range, high visibility and rapid mixing. Available in 62.5 μl, 250μl or 1ml
asia Tube Reactor
Asia Tube Reactors
Available in PTFE or Stainless Steel and in sizes of 4ml or 16ml, these reactors are ideal for scale up applications.
asia Solid Phase Reactor
Asia Solid Phase Reactors
Designed for the use of solid phase reagents, catalysts and scavengers. These clip onto the Asia Heater.

Temperature Controllers / Reaction activation

Asia offers a wide range of reactor sizes in both solution phase and solid phase chemistry for reaction optimization or preparative synthesis.

asia Climate Controller
Asia Chip Climate Controller
This Peltier based system enables glass microreactors to be cooled or heated from -15°C to + 150°C without the need for a circulator or cold water supply.
asia Heater
Asia Heater
This module has adaptors that can be changed in seconds to heat glass microreactors,
tube reactors or solid phase reactors. Temperature range from room temperature to 250°C.

asiaTube Cooler
Asia Tube Cooler
The Asia Tube Cooler enables a range of fluoropolymer and stainless steel Asia Tube Reactors to be cooled to as low as -68°C.
asia Cryo Controller
Asia Cryo Controller
The Asia Cryo Controller offers the ultimate in compact, high performance, trouble free cooling of flow chemistry processes to temperatures as low as -100°C.
asia Flux Module
Asia Flux
The Asia Flux is a flexible, tuneable, continuous flow electrochemistry module. This compact module enables unique chemical transformations with ultimate ease of use.

Post Reaction

To enable super heating, the pressure controller is located after the flow reactor. Other post reaction options include aqueous work-up and/or on-line sampling of the reaction

asia fllesx tall
Asia Glass Microreactors
The Flow Liquid Liquid EXtraction (FLLEX) offers continuous flow aqueous work up. The advanced membrane technology separates an extremely broad range of two phase mixtures.
asia Pressure controller
Asia Tube Reactors
To enable ultra fast reaction rates, the pressure controller automatically regulates a laboratory gas supply to pressurize the flowing reaction up to 20bar (300psi).
asia Sampler and diluter
Asia Solid Phase Reactors
This module automatically takes a 5μl sample from the flowing reaction, dilutes it and flows it into a UPLC/LCMS system allowing on line analysis of every reaction.

Product Collection

Asia allows manual collection, automated collection of one reaction or total collection of multiple experiments, even without a PC.

asia Product Controller
Asia Product Collector
Controlled by the Asia Syringe Pump, the Product Collector enables waste to be diverted and can be used to automatically collect one reaction product, or manually collect many samples.
asia Automated Controller
Asia Automated Controller
Controlled by the Asia Syringe Pump or Asia Manager PC software, the Automated Collector enables multiple reactions to be collected in a separate vials or vessels, with waste automatically diverted.


Choose the Asia 110, 120 or 130 for manually controlled systems. For automation from the Asia Pump choose the Asia 210, 220 or 310 systems. For full PC control of multi-reactor systems, choose the Asia 230, 320 or 330 systems.

Asia Tube Cooler
Connect all the modules to the Automator to allow the Asia Syringe Pump or PC Software to control all the modules to automate reactions.
asia manager pc software
Asia Manager PC Software
Connect the Asia Automator to a PC and use the Asia Manager
software tofully automate all experiments with data logging and

Asia Modules Included in Systems

asia Modules included in Systems
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