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A&D is a manufacturer of Weighing Systems from Microbalances to Industrial Scales at an affordable price. The extensive inventory of weighing products is supplemented by industry know-how leading to manage products for long-term accuracy and efficiency.
A&D is also a manufacturer of measuring systems: a series of moisture analyzers offer highly accurate results and superior ease-of-use. Super hybrid sensor technology provides accurate moisture content determination, while fast, uniform heating means shorter measurement time.

BM series

A & D | BM series Micro Analytical Balances

Innovative, accurate measuring for precision weighing with micrograms readability.
Compact and robust design by A&D


  • Easy, fanless static elimination using a built-in ionizer
  • Better operability with a large weighing chamber
  • Interlockable sliding doors allowing efficient operation with both hands
  • Anti-static glass breeze break with a thin evaporated metal coating
  • Automatic calibration with an internal mass
  • Automatic response adjustment
  • Clearly visible, reverse backlit LCD
  • Twelve weighing units
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output
  • Data memory function
  • Comparator function with buzzer
  • Auto power on function
  • Density determination function
  • Built-in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure sensors
  • Special pans and holder (BM-20/22)

  • Models and capacity:

  • BM-20 22g × 0.001mg(1μg)
  • BM-22 22g × 0.01mg 5.1g × 0.001mg(1μg)
  • BM-200 220g × 0.1mg
  • BM-252 250g × 0.01mg
  • BM-300 320g × 0.1mg
  • BM-500 520g × 0.1mg

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    GH series

    A & D | GH Series, Standard Semi Micro Analytical & Analytical Balances

    Reliable performance to fit your classic workflow needs

    Main Features:

  • Semi-micro, 0.01 mg readability up to 101 g (GH-252)
  • Adjustable environmental (manual or automatic) response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations
  • Automatic self calibration to maintain accuracy under temperature changes
  • one-touch Full Digital Calibration FDC (Internal or External). Makes calibration simple to perform within seconds
  • Easy to clean and operate with stainless steel pan, spill proof ring and base plate
  • Advance stabilization allows fast response times
  • Auto power on
  • Anti-Static Glass with a thin evaporated metal coating
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliance
  • Windows Communication Tools software (WinCT) on CD-ROM included

  • Models and capacity (with internal calibration):

  • GH-120-EC 120g x 0.1mg
  • GH-200-EC 220g x 0.1mg
  • GH-300-EC 320g x 0.1mg
  • GH-202-EC 51g/220g x 0.01mg/0.1mg
  • GH-252-EC 101g/250g x 0.01mg/0.1mg

  • Note : All those models are EC Approved, meaning they are Legal for Trade

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    HR series

    A & D | HR-A Series, Basic Analytical Balances

    The HR-A/-AZ Series are entry-level Compact Analytical Balances

    The HR-A/-AZ Series are Compact Analytical Balances with an unbreakable, anti-static draft shield. The rotary doors also give HR-A/Z balances the smallest footprint ever in an A&D analytical balance.

  • Robust construction, strong protection against dust & water
  • Built-in internal calibration at the touch of a button (HR-AZ)
  • Auto power ON/OFF function
  • Small footprint for use in narrow space
  • Fast compact SHS sensor, response time of about 2 seconds
  • Standard RS-232C
  • Easily removable large Windscreen for simple cleaning

  • Options:
  • Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  • Quick USB interface – no driver installation required
  • LAN – Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software

  • Models and capacity

    HR-A Series - External Calibration
  • HR-100A 102g x 0.1mg
  • HR-150A 152g x 0.1mg
  • HR-251A 62g / 252g x 0.1mg / 1mg
  • HR-250A 252g x 0.1mg

  • HR-AZ Series - Internal Calibration
  • HR-100AZ 102g x 0.1mg
  • HR-150AZ 152g x 0.1mg
  • HR-251AZ 62g / 252g x 0.1mg /
  • HR-250AZ 252g x 0.1mg

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    HR series

    A & D | GX-A Series, Premium Precision Balances

    Taking Weighing Precision and Protection To New Heights

    GX-A balances are ideal for weighing in laboratories as well in production plants/lines.
    This is the first balance with a built-in chock sensor to prevent damage of the balance in automated weighing processes, it is a versatile weighing instrument due to its quick response speed and stability. More information in the brochure available on this webpage.

    Main Features
  • Durable Construction
  • Advanced Sensor Technology for Reliable Results
  • Impact Shock Detection (ISD) that visualizes what degree of impact shock is detrimental to the balance : Ideal feature when balance is used for automatization weighing or when materials are thrown by operators onto balances.
  • Cushioning under the weighing pan to mitigate impact shocks
  • Industry leading 5 years warranty
  • Alert function to ensure that the measured quantity is not smaller than the set minimum weight
  • Tare memory function that saves the tare value in non-volatile memory
  • Large stainless steel weigh pan and dust plate can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Fast stabilization of approx. 1 second
  • One touch calibration using internal weight (GX-A)
  • Automatic self calibration to maintain accuracy under temperature changes (GX-A)
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output
  • Auto power ON and OFF functions
  • Security slot in the rear of the balance to accommodate an anti-theft lock

  • Models and capacity:

    GF-A Series - External Calibration
  • GF-123A 122g x 0.001g*
  • GF-203A 220g x 0.001g*
  • GF-303A 320g x 0.001g*
  • GF-403A 420g x 0.001g*
  • GF-603A 620g x 0.001g*
  • GF-1003A 1100g x 0.001g*
  • GF-1603A 1620g x 0.001g*
  • GF-1202A 1220g x 0.01g
  • GF-2002A 2200g x 0.01g
  • GF-3002A 3200g x 0.01g
  • GF-4002A 4200g x 0.01g
  • GF-6002A 6200g x 0.01g
  • GF-10002A 10200g x 0.01g
  • GF-6001A 6200g x 0.1g
  • GF-10001A 10200g x 0.1g

  • GX-A Series - Internal Calibration
  • GX-203A 220g x 0.001g*
  • GX-303A 320g x 0.001g*
  • GX-403A 420g x 0.001g*
  • GX-603A 620g x 0.001g*
  • GX-1003A 1100g x 0.001g*
  • GX-1603A 1620g x 0.001g*
  • GX-2002A 2200g x 0.01g
  • GX-3002A 3200g x 0.01g
  • GX-4002A 4200g x 0.01g
  • GX-6002A 6200g x 0.01g
  • GX-10002A 10200g x 0.01g
  • GX-6001A 6200g x 0.1g
  • GX-10001A 10200g x 0.1g
  • * 1 mg models are delivered with Perspex draft shield

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    FX series

    A & D | FX-i series, Basic Precision Balances

    The FX-i precision top pan range provides a host of features in a compact, lightweight package. All of a perfect solution to a balance requirement where space is at a premium. With a footprint the size of B5 sheet of paper the FX-i will suit applications previously dismissed due to the lack of a quality balance of this size the traditional A&D functions are present plus a host of innovative features.

    Main Features
  • Compact SHS - Super Hybrid Sensor ensures 1 second stabilisation
  • SCF Statistical Calculation Function - Can display or output a complete stats package
  • USB Interface – Option : Quick USB interface with no driver installation necessary
  • RS232 Data Interface & WinCT Software in standard
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant - Complies with your lab management system
  • Digital Calibration Function - Simple calibration sequence using external masses
  • Animal Weighing Mode - Suitable for weighing unstable samples
  • Response Setting - Adjust balance response time to suit environment

  • Options:
  • Ethernet Interface - Connect to your LAN
  • Rechargeable Battery - Total Portability for your balance

  • Models and capacity:

    FX-i Series - External Calibration
  • FX-120i 122 g x 1mg
  • FX-200i 220 g x 1mg
  • FX-300i 320 g x 1mg
  • FX-500i 520 g x 1mg
  • FX-1200i 1220 g x 0.01g
  • FX-2000i 2200 g x 0.01g
  • FX-3000i 3200 g x 0.01g
  • FX-5000i 5200 g x 0.01g

  • FZ-i Series - Internal Calibration
  • FZ-120i-EC* 122g x 1mg
  • FZ-200i-EC* 220g x 1mg
  • FZ-300i-EC* 320g x 1mg
  • FZ-500i 520g x 1mg
  • FZ-1200i-EC 1220g x 0.01g
  • FZ-2000i-EC 2200g x 0.01g
  • FZ-3000i-EC 3200g x 0.01g
  • FZ-5000i 5200g x 0.01g

  • * Those models are EC Approved, meaning they are Legal for Trade

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    FxI-WP series

    A & D | FXi-WP Series - IP-65 Dust & Waterproof Precision Balance

    The FX-iWP will be completely at home in any area where moisture or dust would prove a barrier to a normal top pan precision balance. The balance is immune to product spillages both wet and dry and has the rugged performance to cope with even the toughest environment. A high quality balance that can be used almost anywhere.

    Main Features
  • IP65 Standard Waterproof Protection
  • Fast stabilization speed – Just 1 second
  • Shock absorber function
  • Statistical calculation function
  • GLP, GMP, GCP, ISO compliant
  • Digital Calibration Function
  • Comparator function
  • Buzzer function
  • Hold function for Animal weighing application
  • Counting function with ACAI ( Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement)
  • Percent mode function
  • Auto Power ON & OFF functions
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Adjustable foot
  • Standard RS232 & WinCT Software. Option : RS232 Waterproof Cable 5m

  • FX-iWP Series - External Calibration
  • FX-120i-WP 122g x 1mg
  • FX-200i-WP 220g x 1mg
  • FX-300i-WP 320g x 1mg
  • FX-1200i-WP 1220g x 0.01g
  • FX-2000i-WP 2200g x 0.01g
  • FX-3000i-WP 3200g x 0.01g

  • FZ-i Series - Internal Calibration
  • FZ-120i-WP-EC* 122g x 1mg
  • FZ-200i-WP-EC* 220g x 1mg
  • FZ-300i-WP-EC* 320g x 1mg
  • FZ-1200i-WP-EC* 1220g x 0.01g
  • FZ-2000i-WP-EC* 2200g x 0.01g
  • FZ-3000i-WP-EC* 3200g x 0.01g

  • * Those models are EC Approved, meaning they are Legal for Trade

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    MS series

    A & D | MS/MX/MF/ML Moisture Analyzers

    Our straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter gives shorter measurement time, thanks to fast and uniform heating. The ergonomically designed pan handle eliminates mishaps such as burns when moving a hot sample tray into or out of the unit from either side.


  • Fast and uniform heating with a halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology
  • High repeatability of 0.001% (standard deviation)
  • Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate samples provided to allow accuracy check
  • Memory function to store data
  • Four measurement programs
  • Clear and easy to see VFD display
  • Easy handling of sample tray eliminates the possibility of burns
  • Glass window allows check of heating
  • Self check function
  • Standard RS232C serial interface
  • Conforms to GLP standards

  • Models and capacity:

  • MS-70 71g x 0.1mg
  • MX-50 51g x 1mg
  • MF-50 51g x 2mg
  • ML-50 51g x 5mg

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