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Built around Dolomite's industry leading microfluidic products, the Micro Droplet Systems enable rapid advances in droplet microfluidics allowing users to produce more than 10,000 monodispersed droplets per second.
Each systems provides a complete solution containing all necessary pumps, connectors and chips to start generating droplets immediately. Thanks to their modularity, they provide users with a very cost-effective and flexible solution.


Telos® Droplet Manufacture System

Telos® is a revolutionary high-throughput microfluidic system which allows production of up to tons of highly monodisperse droplets, particles or emulsion a month.
Telos® is a modular, tool-free, scalable and highly flexible system which allows up to 10 Telos® modules to be assembled in parallel, enabling identical conditions of up to 70 microfluidic chip droplet junctions. The system allows mass-production of highly monodisperse droplets from 20μm to 150μm which can then be flowed directly off the chips, or into tubes.
Telos® production rate is comparable to those achieved by traditional batch methods, but unlike batch method it also generates highly monodisperse droplets.


  • Particle production - PLGA, PEGDA, gelatine, alginate, polystyrene, agarose
  • Drug delivery - creams, aerosols
  • Bulk precision manufacturing of emulsions and foams - food, cosmetics, paints
  • Nanoparticle synthesis
  • Cell, DNA, bead encapsulation
  • Parallel micromixing and micro-reactions

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    Mitos Dropix® Systems

    Mitos Dropix® is a compact and portable droplet-on-demand microfluidic system designed to generate droplets of up to 24 different samples and store up to 1000 droplets with sizes down to 25nl.
    The system offers excellent control over droplet size and droplet frequency as well as allowing use of multiple reagents to create complex assays quickly and easily. Droplets can be stored, thermocycled, merged pairwise, or split from nano to picolitre droplets.


  • Generation of screening libraries
  • Cell encapsulation
  • Encapsulation of organisms such as nematodes
  • Automation of ELISA tests
  • Preparation of concentration gradients
  • Immunoassays with functionalized magnetic beads
  • Combinatorial chemistry
  • Directed evolution of enzymes
  • Cell assays
  • Ratiometric screening for protein crystallization

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    µEncapsulator 1 System

    The µEncapsulator 1 System enables simple, quick and reliable encapsulation of single cells, DNA and/or functionalized beads in high precision, monodisperse picoliter droplets. The high-throughput system can encapsulate 300,000 cells into 3 million droplets in 15 minutes.
    To encapsulate a sample, the user loads the sample and reagent into the 100µl reservoirs, closes the module, and starts the program. The droplets are collected in the built-in output reservoir. 200µl of reagent and sample, containing 300,000 cells, can be converted into 3 million droplets in 15 minutes.
    Highly monodisperse droplets can be produced with precise control using the Mitos P-Pump. The Mitos Sensor provides real time display of micro–scale flow rate and pressure.
    The module can be maintained at 4°C with the Dolomite temperature control unit, the Meros TCU–100. Droplet production can be monitored with the Dolomite High Speed Camera and Microscope System.
    The system can be controlled by the µEncapsulator 1 protocol in the Dolomite Flow Control Centre software.

    Droplets Applications:

  • Profiling natively paired T cell receptors
  • Isolating monoclonal antibody coding sequences from blood samples
  • Encapsulating samples for droplet PCR
  • High throughput single cell expression profiling
  • Encapsulation of cells in hydrogels, for culture, etc.

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