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The Asia from Syrris offers a variety of flow chemistry modules and systems in either entry level or advanced configurations for both beginners with modest budgets and experts who demand the utmost functionality. The Dolomite Flow Chemistry Systems are easy-to-use, affordable, modular systems for a variety of flow chemistry applications. The systems allow multiple configurations for lab scale reactions and are upgradable for more functionality. The systems offer a wide range of reaction parameters with flow rates from 1.0µL/min to 10mL/min and temperatures from 1°C to 250°C. Thales Nano is widely recognized for its expertise in transforming chemical processes to microscale continuous-flow operations and developing manual or robotic continuous microreactors for the chemical industry. Researchers can now perform a wide variety of reactions and can easily scale them up, without the need for re-optimization processes to reach the production scale, making dangerous and difficult chemistry safe.

H-Cube Pro

H-Cube Pro

Higher throughput, greater reactivity, expanded chemistry capability The H-Cube Pro is a revolutionary bench-top stand-alone hydrogenation reactor, uniquely combining continuous-flow microchemistry with endogenous on-demand hydrogen generation and a disposable catalyst cartridge system. Continuous hydrogenation reactions are performed in a flow system. The hydrogen gas necessary for the reaction is generated in-situ. Reactions take place on disposable proprietary CatCarts®, packed catalyst columns modeled after conventional HPLC systems, ensuring excellent lab integration and ease of use. Every aspect of the operation on the H-Cube® is controlled and monitored using a touch-screen panel. With no external storage of hydrogen necessary, the H-Cube® may be used safely in almost any laboratory environment, while its minimal "footprint" maximizes available bench space. The whole process on the H-Cube Pro is now fully automated with the H-Cube autosampler. Ideal for performing optimization studies, catalyst screening (with CatCart Changer) or library production overnight or over the weekend.

More advantages
• Higher throughput and control: generates 60 ml/min hydrogen with the TWO cells
• Wider temperature range from 10-150°C
• Intelligent software following parameters in real time
• Greater chemistry capability with the addition of the gasmodule and the Phoenix

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H Cube Mini

H-Cube Mini

Safe and affordable hydrogenation for academia The newest member of our H-Cube Series of hydrogenation reactors, the H-Cube Mini™, was developed as a safe, powerful and affordable reactor intended to bring back hydrogenation to the everyday educational curriculum and research process.

Technical Parameters of the H-Cube Mini™

Temperature Range Ambient to 100°C
Pressure Range 1 bar to 100 bar
Flow Rate 1 bar to 100 bar.
Hydrogen Generation 20-25 mL/min.
Water Reservoir Capacity 100 ml.
Dimensions Width: 217 mm (8.54")
Height: 200 mm (7.87') with closed display,
315 mm (12.4") with opened display
Depth: 250 mm (9.84")
Weight 6.5 kg (14.33 lb)
Voltage 100 - 240 V AC
Catalyst Amount 0.1 - 0.3 g

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IceCube™ Flow Reactor
Safe Exothermic Reactions Made Easy

The IceCube™ is a revolutionary continuous flow low temperature reactor specifically for high energy reactions to be performed in a highly controlled and safe manner. The system is made up of 3 modules. The Ozone Module, Pump Module, and Reactor Module. The modules can be configured or purchased separately to match the configuration you want. Ozone Module gives you a safe and efficient way of generating ozone from oxygen. The ozone/oxygen amount is precisely controlled through the built-in mass flow controller. The system can also be used as a powerful and compact stand-alone ozonizer.
Oxygen flow rate: 10-100 mL/min.
O3/O2 v/v%: 14% at 20 mL/min oxygen flow rate.
Reactor Module is a highly versatile reactor capable of controlling even extremely exothermic reactions safely and simply. Composed of two reactor plates with Peltier heating/cooling, and a reaction line made of Teflon for wide chemical compatibility. The system may be configured for 2, 3, or 4 reactants in 1 sequence. Difficult or dangerous reactions such as lithiation, azide generation or ozonolysis may now be performed and quenched immediately without the need for isolation of dangerous intermediates.

The Pump Module is made up of 2 rotary piston pumps, which have good chemical compatibility. The pumps are connected two 3-way valves, which control the path of reactant or solvent through the reactor. Multiple pump modules can be purchased. Single pumps also. Flow rate: 0.2 – 4 mL/min

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Gas Module

Gas Module

The H-Cube® Gas Module works seamlessly with any existing H-Cube® or the new H-Cube Pro™ to allow a further 12 gases to be used at up to 100 bar using the same touch screen intuitive controls. Reactions such as carbonylation or oxidations can now be performed on the H-Cube® at the same high pressures widening the reactor’s chemistry ability significantly.

Gas Module provides you:
• 13 gases in one device
• Fast reactions - chemistry in minutes
• High pressure reactions to 100 bar
• Intuitive User Interface

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Phoenix Flow Reactor

Phoenix Flow Reactor

The Phoenix Flow Reactor™ is an easy to use, high temperature reactor compatible with the H-Cube® and H-Cube Pro™. A stand- alone version is also available, which can do high temperature homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions without an H-Cube® or H-Cube Pro™. Powerful: Up to 450 °C temperature capability Versatile: Perform reactions in a loop homogeneously or use a range of different cartridges for heterogeneous reagents/catalyst chemistry Innovative: Perform chemistries not possible in a standard lab including a validated procedure to generate novel bicyclic compounds Fast: Slow reactions in seconds Simple: 2 button stand-alone control or via automated touchscreen control on H-Cube Pro™
Different sizes of CatCarts, Loops and Materials are available.

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Asia Flow Systems

Asia Flow Chemistry

Asia is a modular system. All the Asia modules can be purchased separately and arranged in any fashion to add new functionalities to an existing system. Your system evolves with your needs.
Please visit the Asia Modules page.

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Dolomite Systems

Dolomite Modular Flow Chemistry Systems

The Dolomite Flow Chemistry Systems are easy-to-use, affordable, modular systems for a variety of flow chemistry applications. The systems allow multiple configurations for lab scale reactions and are upgradable for more functionality. The systems offer a wide range of reaction parameters with flow rates from 1.0µL/min to 10mL/min and temperatures from 1°C to 250°C. Sophisticated flow chemistry experiments can be performed with precise control of reaction parameters, residence time, reaction temperature and stoichiometry as well as reagent introduction. Coupled with the intuitive PC control software, Flow Control Centre Advanced, reactions can be automated with accuracy and reproducibility. Standard entry level systems:

  • Systems 1A & 1B: Ideal for beginners and educational needs. The system includes a Mitos XS Pump with ultra smooth flow rates and a TCU-125 Temperature Controller (1°C to 125°C) for use with a glass microreactor chip.
  • Systems 2A & 2B: Ideal for continuous reactions on a larger scale. The system includes 2 Mitos Duo-XS pumps for extremely smooth flow rates and a hotplate for heating larger volume tube reactors.
  • Systems 3A & 3B: Ideal for widest range of chemistry - process optimization, scale-up and multi-step reactions. The system combines the benefits of system 1 and 2.

  • microfluidic starterkit

    Educational Microfluidic Starter Kit

    The Educational Microfluidic Starter Kit is a low cost connect-and-go microfluidic system ideal for education or for those new to microfluidics. Create small droplets, learn about mixing of fluids, or observe microchannel flow - this simple system enables investigation of a wide range of microfluidic applications. The system is easy to set up and does not require gas supply. Power and control is supplied through a USB port. The educational system gives users the flexibility to work with Dolomite supplied glass based chips, or with their own PDMS chips. If users are interested in working with Dolomite supplied chips, then with the H-interface and with the Multiflux connectors, users would select one or a few of the following chips. The typical system is supplied with 5 chips as follows: 2 Reagent Droplet Chip enabling generation of small droplets in the size range of 20-150µm, containing 2 reagents. 1 x Hydrophilic coated chip and 1 x Hydrophobic coated chip supplied. Micromixer Chip for rapid mixing of two or three fluid streams in each of the independent mixing geometries. Y-Junction Chip for applications such as Liquid-Liquid contacting or observation of microchannel flow. Droplet Junction Chip for monodisperse droplet formation and emulsion formation.

    For those users interested in working with PDMS, Dolomite provides the following:
    PDMS Chip Interface: for fast and reliable connections to PDMS-on-glass devices


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