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Snijders Labs | Freezers

Snijders Labs has been manufacturing Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers for over 30 years. The company is ISO-9001 certified for Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Service.
Snijders Labs operates worldwide by co-operating with factory certified and trained distributors – such as BRS bvba in Belgium - for installation and service of the freezers.
The Snijders Labs cooling and freezing equipment is developed for the life- and bioscience, clinical and industrial applications.


Snijders | -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

The EvoSafe-series™ is the result of 30 years of experience with Cascade cooling technology. They are designed for high performance, sustainability, energy efficiency and low noise output. The EvoSafe cooling system has been filled with non-flammable, environment friendly CFC and HCFC free refrigerant.
A full range of Ultra-Low Temperature freezers, in capacities from 120 up to 1000 ltr., designed to protect your samples and to save energy at the same time.
The internal and external dimensions of the EvoSafe-seriesTM are tailored to the European metric system (mm, cm and meters) to take European inventory systems. This allows a bigger capacity of boxes to be stored while using the conventional polyurethane insulation while keeping the external dimensions to a minimum.
Webbased controller with iFreeze technology
The controller is the brain of the freezer, which uses the most advanced measurement and control techniques. Developed specifically for the EvoSafe-Series™; to give maximum security and reliability, including modern multimedia and communication technologies.

Communication with the freezer
There are three different ways to communicate with the freezer : through USB-port, via a local network and via Internet.
By one of these forms of communication, the temperature log of the freezer can be retrieved.
Through the 512 MB memory the freezer logs every 20 minutes the most critical parameters. The maximum storage is 6 months.

Monitoring 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
Alarms will be notified, acoustically and visually, through a code in the display and via the potential free contact.
Under normal use and with preventive maintenance the EvoSafe freezers have a lifetime of at least 10 years.

Models and capacities:
Upright models, capacities: 120, 240, 360, 475, 620 and 720, 830 and 1000 ltr
Chest models, capacities: 400 and 570 ltr.

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Snijders Labs | -45°C Low Temperature Freezers

Low Temperature freezers, upright models. Applicable for the clinical chemical laboratories, bloodbanks and the industry. Exceptional is the extensive microprocessing controller fitted with various alarms for optimum security.

Upright models, capacities: 120, 240, 360, 475, 620 and 720 ltr.
Chest models, capacities: 400 and 570 ltr.

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Snijders Labs | Inventory Systems

Snijders Labs is a manufacturer of Ultra Low Temperature freezers and general temperature controlled laboratory equipment. Developed for healthcare and Life Science laboratories for over 30 years. During the years additional services like, Cryotheque Biobank services and freezer inventory systems became a part of the delivery program.
Snijders manufacture these inventory systems for any freezer brand, either in aluminium or stainless steel and for any storage temperature (+4°C to -86°C).

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