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Digital multiple wavelength refractometer


Digital multiple wavelength refractometer

  • High-precision refractometer
  • Automatic dispersion measurement
  • Seven wavelengths fixed
  • Automatic ABBE number measurement
  • Ideal for research and development

The digital, fully automatic spectral refractometer ATR-L consists of an electronic unit separated from the stainless steel measuring unit. Dispersion measurement at 7 wavelengths over the full visible range. A sample volume of 0,3 ml is sufficient for measuring. The refractometer is equipped with a Peltier thermostat (no external water bath necessary). Refractometers are widely used in food, oil, fuel,.. to measure the concentration of components. They measure the critical angle of total reflection and calculate the refractive index from this value. The refractive index of a substance depends on the wavelength of light and usually increases towards shorter wavelengths. The ATR-L is used for a better characterization of this behavior (dispersion) which could give a fingerprint about the material itself. This makes it possible to distinguish substances which otherwise are similar at 589 nm (sodium- wavelength).


  • Research and development labs, where the exact knowledge of material properties is of great importance.
  • Medical research (plastic lenses, contact lenses)
  • Optical communication technology (polymer materials, special optical liquids, glasses and glues)
  • Fingerprinting characterization of high-quality products like wine, perfumes, alcoholic beverages, etc

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