ATR-P Touch

Schmidt + Haensch

ATR-P Touch

High-performance robust Refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios (mass percent)


  • High-performance refractometer
  • Rugged measuring head (IP65)
  • Single or flow through measurements
  • For permanent use in production laboratories
  • Combination with polarimeter (Purity Analyser)

The critical angle refractometer ATR-P is especially designed for applications in the sugar industry. Complete system consists of the ATR-P measuring head and the “L-Controller” electronic unit. As an alternative to the “L-Controller” electronic unit, the ATR-P measuring head can be connected to a PC or laptop. In the minimal version configuration and calibration are performed using a supplied free software. Much more comfortable version is the PC software “Aquisys Basic”.

Key Features:

  • High-performance robust Refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios (mass percent)
  • Quality and quantity control of liquids, especially for sucrose solutions
  • Highly accurate and reproducible measuring results in no time at all
  • Electronic unit separated from the measuring head
  • Very robust and waterproof (IP65) measuring head made from stainless steel
  • Single or flow-through measurement
  • Various sample room covers / flow through doors optionally available
  • Temperature correction of samples via external water bath – rapid temperature correction even larger sample volumes
  • Temperature compensation of Brix scale
  • Easy to calibrate with sucrose solutions
  • Measuring head can be connected to the PC and operated as stand-alone device
  • User friendly Operation System displayed by a high resolution 7″ TFT Touchscreen
  • Documentation according to GLP/GMP
  • Energy saving LED light source

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