H-Cube Pro


H-Cube Pro

Continuous-flow Benchtop Hydrogenation Reactor


Higher throughput, greater reactivity, expanded chemistry capability The H-Cube Pro is a revolutionary bench-top stand-alone hydrogenation reactor, uniquely combining continuous-flow microchemistry with endogenous on-demand hydrogen generation and a disposable catalyst cartridge system. Continuous hydrogenation reactions are performed in a flow system. The hydrogen gas necessary for the reaction is generated in-situ. Reactions take place on disposable proprietary CatCarts®, packed catalyst columns modeled after conventional HPLC systems, ensuring excellent lab integration and ease of use. Every aspect of the operation on the H-Cube® is controlled and monitored using a touch-screen panel. With no external storage of hydrogen necessary, the H-Cube® may be used safely in almost any laboratory environment, while its minimal “footprint” maximizes available bench space. The whole process on the H-Cube Pro is now fully automated with the H-Cube autosampler. Ideal for performing optimization studies, catalyst screening (with CatCart Changer) or library production overnight or over the weekend.

More advantages
• Higher throughput and control: generates 60 ml/min hydrogen with the TWO cells
• Wider temperature range from 10-150°C
• Intelligent software following parameters in real time
• Greater chemistry capability with the addition of the gasmodule and the Phoeni

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