Environmental Express


Clean, economical and efficient metal digestions


The Environmental Express Hotblocks have revolutionized the way laboratories think of metals digestions.  With these HotBlocks, laboratories can now perform digestions of samples under uniform temperature conditions up to 96 samples at a time.  The HotBlock is made of a PTFE-coated graphite block within a Kydex® housing with no exposed metallic parts reducing corrosion potential from the highly acidic environment.  The HotBlock® utilizes our disposable polypropylene digestion tubes for all EPA approved metals digestions, allowing laboratories to eliminate the washing of glassware.


 Automation of the sample prep steps in the laboratory is oftentimes key to a laboratory’s overall success. With the introduction of the AutoBlock, we have truly automated the metals digestion process.  Users no longer have to manually add acid and reagents to samples, set timers to turn off heat, or manually adjust temperatures based on various method requirements.


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