Ice-Cube flow reactor


Ice-Cube flow reactor

Safe and easy exothermic reactions


The IceCube™ is a revolutionary continuous flow low temperature reactor specifically for high energy reactions to be performed in a highly controlled and safe manner. The system is made up of 3 modules. The Ozone Module, Pump Module, and Reactor Module. The modules can be configured or purchased separately to match the configuration you want. Ozone Module gives you a safe and efficient way of generating ozone from oxygen. The ozone/oxygen amount is precisely controlled through the built-in mass flow controller. The system can also be used as a powerful and compact stand-alone ozonizer.
Oxygen flow rate: 10-100 mL/min.
O3/O2 v/v%: 14% at 20 mL/min oxygen flow rate.
Reactor Module is a highly versatile reactor capable of controlling even extremely exothermic reactions safely and simply. Composed of two reactor plates with Peltier heating/cooling, and a reaction line made of Teflon for wide chemical compatibility. The system may be configured for 2, 3, or 4 reactants in 1 sequence. Difficult or dangerous reactions such as lithiation, azide generation or ozonolysis may now be performed and quenched immediately without the need for isolation of dangerous intermediates.

The Pump Module is made up of 2 rotary piston pumps, which have good chemical compatibility. The pumps are connected two 3-way valves, which control the path of reactant or solvent through the reactor. Multiple pump modules can be purchased. Single pumps also. Flow rate: 0.2 – 4 mL/min

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