Kappa Analysis


Kappa Analysis

Automated Kappa Number System for Pulp and Paper Analysis


MANTECH’s Kappa Analysis System fully automates the analysis of up to 17 pulp or paper samples. The successful automation of the Kappa methodology allows pulp labs to free up operator/technician time, reduce chemical costs, calibrate on-line automated Kappa number analyzers and improve analytical confidence. Advantages

  • Precise and accurate measurements Make better decisions and cut costs with improved confidence in test results
  • Analyzes up to 17 samples in standard tall-form 300mL beakers
  • Decrease laboratory chemicals The kappa methodology cuts the volume of reagents required per test by as much as 6
  • Easy to Use This fully automated system has user-defined autorun buttons which make analysis simple and free of human error
  • MANTECH’s robust hardware is completely controlled by the software
  • All samples are maintained at a constant temperature
  • Adaptable to other applications such as liquors (black, white and green), alkalinity, peroxide, etc.

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