Superior Performance and Reliable Results Fast


MARS 6 brings a remarkable speed and ease-of-use to solid-liquid extractions.


Shorter extraction times

Reduce solvent usage by 90%

Built-in applications library containing US EPA and other internationally recognized methods

IR temperature control NIST-traceable documentation of temperature for every vessel


Innovative Vessel Designs

CEM offers several popular vessel choices for extraction including the MARSXpress or MARSXpress Plus. Their simple 3-piece design makes these vessels remarkably easy-to-use. Other vessels are available, please contact CEM for more information on the vessel best-suited to your application.

Disposable glass liners for the 110-mL MARSXpress Plus vessels make microwave extraction cleaner and even more convenient. Eliminate carry-over contamination from dirty vessels. Process up to 24 extractions simultaneously. Save time and money by eliminating vessel cleaning and reducing chemical consumption. As they allow sample sizes of up to 30 grams, CEM disposable glass liners are ideal for US EPA 3546 and other soil extractions.


The 75-mL MARSXpress vessel

is the perfect all-purpose vessel. As it allows for sample sizes of up to 30 grams to be extracted, it can be used for a number of different sample types. Up to 40 samples can be simultaneously processed to maximize your laboratory throughput.


The 100-mL MARSXpress Plus

has a TFM Teflon® liner, but is also available with either reusable or disposable glass liners. Up to 24 vessels may be run simultaneously.

Perform up to 14 reactions simultaneously with CEM’s Green Chem™ vessels. These 100-mL vessels are available with either PFA Teflon or glass liners.


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