Perixus Peristalic Pumps

Teledyne Isco

Perixus Peristalic Pumps

Peristaltic pump for the lab and continuous processing


The Teledyne ISCO PeriXus Peristaltic pump was developed with your lab or manufacturing plant in mind. With its compact and modular design, this space-saving pump uses peristaltic technology to help reduce the possibility of contamination making it a great pump to use when handling volatile materials.

The ability to quickly change hoses allows you to switch from pumping one material to another in minutes, maximizing application flexibility. The available hose options are designed to handle even the toughest materials, including highly viscous fluids. With a flow rate range of 0.005 to 162 mL/min, this peristaltic pump is ideal for a variety of markets, including: Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology, Research and Development, Petrochemical, and Reaction Chemistry.

Specifications: RPM – 0.1 to 300
Flow Range – 0.05 – 162 mL/min (L/S 16 tubing)
Speed Control (Repeatability) – ±0.1%
Reversible Motor – Yes

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