Rapid OXY Cube


Rapid OXY Cube

Highly accurate and precise oxygen analysis – even in the low ppm range


High-quality, high-temperature oxygen analysis

The rapid OXY cube is a newly developed analyzer from Elementar, delivering highly precise and matrix-independent oxygen concentration measurement. Oxygen analysis using pyrolytic conversion techniques can place a lot of demands on instrument technology, as pyrolysis temperatures of up to 1,450°C are necessary to guarantee highly precise and matrix-independent results. These extreme analysis conditions can only be fulfilled by high-end solutions like the rapid OXY cube, which achieves full conversion of sample oxygen into carbon monoxide. Even persistent organic substances are digested under these conditions, as well as most inorganic materials, and the results can be detected matrix-independently. In addition, the novel backflush technology also guarantees blank-free measurements of the most difficult samples.

Low instrument background:
Due to the rapid OXY cube’s innovative reactor design and fully separated gas flows, the instrument is able to achieve a very low background signal.

Purge and trap chromatography
Separation of carbon monoxide on a specific column for perfect separation without peak overlap, and automatic optimization of the analysis time.

Backflush technology:
The rapid OXY cube is specifically equipped with novel backflush technology to guarantee full nitrogen-carbon monoxide separation, enabling highly accurate analysis of oxygen.

Wide range of element concentrations:
From ppm to 100% or 6 mg O absolute.

Multipoint calibration:
Offering matrix-independent stability for months at a time.

Clean, safe and fast:
Each analysis only takes a few minutes and uses helium carrier gas, with no aggressive or toxic chemicals needed.

Easy installation requirements:
The rapid OXY cube requires only 48 x 55 cm of benchtop space, a single power connection and a helium gas supply, with this being sufficient for long-lasting maintenance-free operation.

Automated analysis:
The integrated sample feeder accommodates 120 samples, with processes controlled and evaluated through a Windows PC.

PC-based instrumentation control:
Full digitalization of the instrument allows for remote operation from a standard PC and perfect results, even when dealing with unknown or heavily variable sample matrices. 21 CFR part 11 functionality is also available.

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