Smart 6


Smart 6

Fastest combined microwave with halogen moisture/solids analysis system available on the market.


The SMART 6™ is the fastest microwave moisture/solids analysis system available on the market.
Samples reach optimal drying temperature in less than 5 seconds.
With iDri™ Technology, an advanced analysis process that can accurately determine the moisture, solids or volatiles content in as little as 60 seconds using the One Touch Technology® methods.
The SMART 6 can determine the moisture content of any product, wet or dry. Samples such as solids, powders, slurries, non-polar or temperature-sensitive samples can all be analyzed with greater accuracy and speed.
Using AOAC approved methods and iPower® Technology, the SMART 6 has the best accuracy and repeatability of any rapid analyzer available. iPower applies two different power frequencies to fully remove the moisture from every sample, determining the correct result each and every time.

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