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Seal | Discrete, Segmented Flow Technology and Digestion Systems

Discrete Technology

A Discrete Analyzer uses a robotic sampling arm with a syringe to aspirate, dispense and mix precise quantities of sample and reagent into miniaturized test tubes (reaction wells). Samples and reagents are incubated in the reaction wells for a pre-programmed time, allowing the color reaction to complete.
Before dipping in the next liquid, the probe is thoroughly cleaned to avoid contamination and carry-over. Water is pumped through the probe washer as the probe moves up and down through it to clean the outside.
A single aliquot is transferred to the stop/ flow Optical Quality Glass Cuvette, where the absorbance is read in the stationary optical bench for the best signal to noise ratio. As the liquid is moved, not the tray, fewer moving parts means higher reliability. Once the absorbance is ready, the cuvette is automatically and thoroughly cleaned, eliminating carry over or cross contamination.
Reaction times are programmable from seconds to minutes, with the optimized methods bringing the chemical reaction to full completion and steady state, emulating manual and segmented flow methods, ensuring the lowest detection limits & good reproducibility.
By using different programs and reagents, multiple analytes can be determined in the same instrument. For each sample, the required tests can be selected individually. Flexibility and ease-of-used are increased by automatic pre-dilution and post-dilution of off-scale samples.

SFA Technology

In a Segmented Flow analyzer, reagents and samples are aspirated by a peristaltic pump and dosed into a manifold with injection fittings and mixing coils. The layout of the manifold determines the reaction time and delay between reagent additions. In addition, the manifold can be fitted with a heating bath to increase the reaction speed or a dialyzer to remove interferences. More complex methods may require in-line distillation, UV-digestion, solvent extraction or ion-exchange. Typically, the analyte and reagents form a colored complex of which the absorbance at a fixed wavelength is continuously measured in a colorimeter. The instrument is calibrated by plotting the absorbance of know standards as a function of their concentration. As the autosampler alternately moves between sample cups and a wash pot, each sample is represented by a peak on a baseline of wash water. An essential principle of the system is the introduction of air bubbles. The air bubbles segment each sample into discrete packets and act as a barrier between packets to prevent cross contamination as they travel down the length of the tubing. The air bubbles also assist mixing by creating turbulent flow (bolus flow), and provide operators with a quick and easy check of the flow characteristics of the liquid.

A Segmented Flow analyzer consists of the following components:
  • Autosampler
  • Multi-channel peristaltic pump
  • Manifold(s)
  • Detector(s)
  • PC for system control and data evaluation

  • By adding manifolds and detectors, multiple analytes can be determined simultaneously in the same sample.


    Seal | Discrete Analyzers | AQ2

    This compact, bench-top analyzer completely automates sample testing in laboratories requiring many and varied tests on different samples and/or individual results needed in a short time. Unlike many Discrete Analyzers the SEAL AQ2 has been designed specifically for testing environmental samples, including water, soil and plant extracts. For environmental laboratories considering updating or purchasing new laboratory testing equipment the AQ2 Discrete Analyzer will give you the best analysis and eliminate problems inherent in analyzers designed for clinical use.

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    Seal | Discrete Analyzers | AQ1

    With the addition of the AQ1 Discrete Analyzer to the SEAL Analytical nutrient analyzer family there is now a nutrient analyzer for every size laboratory and budget. The AQ1 Discrete Analyzer brings all the same benefits as the AQ2 Discrete Analyzer, but with a smaller footprint and smaller sample throughput- ideal for laboratories with less space or smaller workloads. Designed specifically for nutrient analysis on environmental samples, it is perfect for immediate results on many different parameters from the same sample. In the AQ1 all environmental samples are read in exactly the same way, giving you the best reproducibility, the lowest detection limits and a unique design that ensures no cross contamination even when ammonia, nitrate with cadmium reduction and phenol are run together. Designed specifically for environmental samples, with no compromise.

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    Seal | Discrete Analyzers | AQ400

    Your environmental analytical chemistry has just got easier with the SEAL AQ400 Discrete Analyzer. This compact, bench-top analyzer has been designed by chemists to address the needs of environmental laboratories requiring high levels of automation, a wide range of chemistries, limits of detection that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and integration with LIMS systems. Like the other Discrete Analyzers in the SEAL range, the AQ400 will give you the best analysis and eliminate problems inherent in analyzers designed for clinical use.

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    TESTS / CHEMISTRIES Ideal for smaller workloads.
    Smallest footprints.
    Most popular bench-top analyzer
    for environmental laboratories
    Highest speed and capacity.
    Lower detection levels.      
    Simultaneous Chemistries 1-7 1-7 1-7
    Tests Programmable Per Sample YES YES YES
    Test Capacity 180 180 216
    Cadmium Coil  Integrated  Integrated  Integrated
    Standalone Spectrophotometer NO  NO  YES
    Total Volume Per Test 500-700 µl (sample & reagent) 500-700 µl (sample & reagent) 500-700 µl (sample & reagent)
    Sampling Rate subject to chemistry subject to chemistry*  subject to chemistry**
    Sample Blanking YES  YES  YES
    Add Samples After Run Commenced  YES  YES  YES
    Sample Trays (removable) 60 and 80 positions  57 and 100 positions  80 and 120 positions
    Sample Consumption 2 – 500ul  2 – 500ul  2 – 500ul
    Sample Cup Sizes  1.2ml, 2ml  1.2ml, 2ml  1.2ml, 2ml, 5ml
    Sampling Arms 1 2 2
    Reagent Capacity 20 15 26
    Reagent Cooling  YES  YES  YES
    Reagent Volume 10-500 µL 10-500 µL 10-500 µL
    Reagent Wells Disposable Disposable Disposable
    Reagent Monitoring  Expiration Automatic  Automatic
    Auto Start-up & Shut-down YES  YES  YES
    Auto-dilution YES YES YES 
    Automated Spike Preparation YES YES YES
    Automated Standard Preparation YES YES YES
    Segregated Wash Waste YES YES YES
    Wash Stations  3 3 3
    Integrated sampling probe washer Yes Yes Yes
    Cuvette Path Length 10mm 10mm 10mm – longer cuvettes in design 
    Optically Pure Cuvette Integrated Hellma Quartz Cuvette Integrated Hellma Quartz Cuvette Integrated Hellma Quartz Cuvette 
    Cuvette Cleaning Automatic Automatic Automatic
    Simplified Access For Maintenance YES  YES  YES
    Detector  Stationary measurement cell  Stationary measurement cell  Stationary measurement cell
    Filter Wheel  7 filter positions, 405-880nm  7 filter positions, 405-880nm  9 filter positions, 350-880nm
    Lamp Quartz tungsten - Halogen Quartz tungsten - Halogen Quartz tungsten – Halogen
    Data Output  LIMS compatible. Export in .csv LIMS compatible. Export in .csv LIMS compatible. Export in .csv
    Software Updates  Free Free Free
    Requirements  Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit or higher Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit or higher Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit or higher
    Bench-top Analyzer YES  YES  YES
    Dimensions (cm)  43 x 51 x 61  (WxHxD) 68 x 41 x 55 (WxHxD) 69 x 54 x 61 (WxHxD)
    Weight  28 kg 40 kg 43 kg
    Power Requirements  220-240V 50 HZ. 220-240V 50 HZ. 220-240V 50 HZ.
    * AQ2 runs twice the speed of the AQ1
    ** AQ400 runs 10-30% faster than AQ2 depending on chemistry


    Seal | Segmented Flow Analyzers | AA1

    The compact dual channel AA1 auto analyzer is the ideal chemical analyzer for laboratories running only 1 or 2 dedicated chemistries. Like the bigger AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer it is designed specifically for environmental and industrial testing laboratories. Using Segmented Flow Analysis techniques (also known as Continuous Flow Analysis) the AA1 AutoAnalyzer fully automates repetitive and complex sample analysis steps, including sample distillation. With its very small footprint, this compact auto analyzer will fit into any bench top, in any orientation. Despite its compact size and simplicity of use, the AA1 AutoAnalyzer delivers you some of the same features as the bigger AA3 AutoAnalyzer including the same low detection limits, exceptional reproducibility, glass coils, digital photometer, LED light source, up to 100 tests per hour and a very low cost per test. A library of over 700 documented applications including USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods supports all SEAL Auto Analyzers.

    Why Choose the AA1 AutoAnalyzer?

  • Designed specifically for environmental and industrial samples.
  • Uses Continuous Segmented Flow Analysis principles to reduce inter-sample dispersion.
  • Simple to use, with limited, uncomplicated tubing.
  • Ideal for 1 or 2 dedicated chemistries.
  • Integrated pump, manifold, detector and sample distillation.
  • High reproducibility.
  • Low reagent consumption.
  • Ultra-low detection limits.
  • Low cost per test.
  • Digital Photometers standard.
  • Up to 100 tests per hour.
  • Glass coils: chemically inert, and easy visual checks.
  • Over 700 documented applications, including USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods.
  • LED light source.
  • Add samples after run has started.
  • Intuitive software.
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    Seal | Segmented Flow Analyzers | AA3 & AA3HR

    AA3HR Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer

    The SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 HR is the most recent version of the original AutoAnalyzer ll. It's designed specifically for industrial and environmental sample analysis. AA3 Auto Analyzer

    Based on Segmented Flow Analysis techniques (also known as Continuous Flow Analysis), the SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 fully automates repetitive and complex sample analysis steps, from start-up to shut-down.
    The SEAL AA3 HR chemistry analyzer can also perform solvent extraction, distillation, gas diffusion, on-line filtration and in-line UV digestion in a continuously flowing stream.
    SEAL AA3 HR chemistry analyzers are fully supported with a library of over 700 documented applications including USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods.
    The Future-Proof AutoAnalyzer

    The SEAL AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer is designed to reduce your costs and future proof
    your investment with the modular design integrating a sampler, pump, chemistry test module, photometer and windows based software.
    The modular design makes it easily upgradeable to a system that measures up to 8 different analytes simultaneously.
    The SEAL AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer also accepts Multitest Manifolds designed to extend any size analyzer to a multiple chemistry system capable of dual range of tests.
    Multitest Manifolds eliminate the need to change manifolds and filters when changing tests, and also reduce your hardware costs
    The AutoAnalyzer Designed For Environmental Analysis

    SEAL AA3 HR chemistry analyzers incorporate features exclusive to SEAL AutoAnalyzers, and designed specifically for environmental applications, making them ideal for analyzing nutrients in wastewater, seawater, soil, fertilizer and plant extracts.

    The First Choice in Chemistry Analyzers.

  • Uses Segmented Flow Analysis principles to reduce inter-sample dispersion
  • Modular unit includes Sampler, Pump, Chemical Manifold, Detector and Computer.
  • High reproducibility
  • Low reagent consumption
  • Ultralow detection limits
  • High Resolution dual-beam Digital Photometers
  • Up to 100 samples per hour
  • Stable LED light source
  • Glass coils: chemically inert and easy visual checks
  • Over 700 documented applications, including USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods
  • Compatible with Technicon and Bran+Luebbe AutoAnalyzer II systems
  • Quick method change over
  • Wide range: dilution of sample rarely necessary
  • Multitest manifolds
  • Dual range multitest methods for high and low ranges
  • Auto start up and shut down
  • Cadmium column switching valves
  • No adjustment required after lamp or flowcell replacement
  • Multispeed peristaltic pumps
  • Add samples after run has started
  • Future proof modular design, easy and economical upgrades.
  • Intuitive software
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    Seal | Segmented Flow Analyzers | QuAAtro 39

    QuAAtro39 is the world's most automated, compact Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer. With microflow hydraulics, heated manifolds, high resolution detectors and advanced software this high performance microflow chemistry analyzer is ideal for the detection of ultra-low nutrients in water, wastewater, seawater, soil, plant extracts, tobacco and wine.

    Why Choose the QuAAtro39 AutoAnalyzer?

  • Generate more than 1,000 results per day.
  • Ultra-low detection limits.
  • High reproducibility.
  • Microflow hydraulics enable high sample rates (internal diameter of glassware is 1mm).
  • Low sample consumption
  • Low reagent consumption
  • One-click start up.
  • Automatic performance checks, before, during and after a run.
  • Automatic monitoring of noise, drift, bubble pattern and light energy
  • 4 simultaneous chemistries from one console.
  • Also available as a 5 channel seawater analyzer.
  • High-resolution digital photometer provides higher sensitivity.
  • LED light source.
  • Integrated enclosed manifold and detector (heated to 37 degrees C)
  • Optimal bubble frequency programmed by silent air valves.
  • Reliable unattended operation & overnight running.
  • Multitest manifolds for different nutrients with no hardware changes.
  • Glass components for easy cleaning & easy visual checks.
  • Uses Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer principles to reduce inter-sample dispersion.
  • Compact and flexible chemistry analyzer.
  • Easy to transport.
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    Seal | Kjeldahl Digestion block

    The SEAL Analytical Digestion Block is a kjeldahl digestion system that automates acid digestions of up to 50 laboratory samples simultaneously. It is ideal for Total Nitrogen (TKN) and Phosphorous (TP) digestion.
    The SEAL Analytical Digestion Block uses a microprocessor to precisely control digestion conditions guaranteeing reproducible digestions, completely unattended even overnight. A Digestion Block will relieve staff from long digestion processes and prepare samples for analysis in advance of your workday, significantly improving laboratory productivity.
    The solid high-grade aluminium block, encased in a stainless steel housing, ensures an acid resistant and very low maintenance block digester. Users can control temperatures, program digestion methods, pause steps and detect errors through the separate, programmable, acid resistant Controller.
    The addition of a Block Digester to your laboratory will reduce manual handling, improve safety, increase productivity and improve the quality of your digestions irrespective of the operator or the batch.
    The SEAL Analytical Digestion Block is used for a variety of applications including TKN and TP digestions on, environmental, food, pharmacy, chemistry and biochemistry samples.

    Digestion Block Model Options

  • BD50 accepts: 50 x 75 ml tubes or 50 x 100ml tubes,
  • BD28 accepts 28 x 250ml tubes

  • Deena


    DEENA II is an automated digestion system that fully automates the dispensing of reagents into test tubes, as well as the heating and cooling steps in the digestion process. In metal and mercury analysis, manual sample preparation often consists of many steps that are labor intensive and time consuming.
    DEENA II alleviates most of the manual sample preparation and reduces the errors associated with sample handling. DEENA II has the necessary functionality to automate your sample digestion process without modifying it. DEENA II can also run unattended overnight, so your samples are ready for analysis when you arrive in the morning.

    In addition to dispensing reagents and heating the samples, DEENA II prepares calibration and spike standards, shakes the samples, inspects their color, adjusts the sample volumes after the digestion process, and records every step taken in the process.

    DEENA II handles up to six standards and nine reagents, including a dedicated reagent line for difficult solutions (like KMnO4), avoiding cross-contamination.
    There are also three racks, each having a capacity of 20 samples, for ease of handling and portability.
    With the optional fume hood, DEENA II can be placed on a bench top, freeing up valuable fume hood space.

    DEENA II is ideal for:

  • Waste Water Analysis
  • Soil Analysis
  • Mining
  • Mercury Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Petroleum, Plastics, & Chemistry Process
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    For laboratories that dispense their acids manually, we offer our superior manual hot block. The digestion block is acid resistant, and provides a steady temperature by heating the bottom and the sides of each vessel.
    Our standard block is made for flat bottomed vials, but we have blocks for conical bottomed vessels readily available. The standard SmartBlock is 60 position for 50ml tubes.


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