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Acid digestion is vital for the preparation of samples for elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS or AA spectroscopy. Traditional acid digestion techniques using a hot plate are time consuming and often provide incomplete digestion. In addition, due to the acid fumes released from open vessels, this technique causes unnecessary corrosion and hazardous working environments. With CEM’s innovative closed vessel design and acid resistant microwave digestion systems, high temperatures and pressures can be achieved, resulting in the rapid digestion of all sample types. Sample preparation time is reduced from hours to minutes, using less acid, retaining all volatiles and providing a much safer laboratory environment. Whether your work flow requires batch digestion or sequential/ad-hoc tests, CEM have the solution with instrumentation to digest any type of organic and inorganic samples: - MARS™ 6 – Batch digestion for high throughput testing laboratories - Discover® SP-D™, Discover® SP-D Gold™ – Sequential digestion system designed for laboratories where every sample is unique - STAR™ - Atmospheric digestion for larger samples.


Microwave Digestion Systems by CEM Corporation: An Interview with Bob Lockerman
by Alessandro Pirolini
AZO, August 21, 2014.
CEM's Analytical Product Manager, Bob Lockerman discusses the Discover SP-D.

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“Determination of Total Mercury Content and Trace Metal Analysis in Wood Materials — Part 1:ICP-OES Using Mercury Cold Vapor”
by Heidi Fleischer and Kerstin Thurow
American Laboratory, August 2013.
The authors used a MARS Microwave Reaction System with XP-1500 vessels to digest a variety of wood samples for this study.

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“Analysis of Toxic Trace Metals in Pet Foods Using Cryogenic Grinding and Quantitation by ICP-MS, Part 1.”
by P Atkins, L Ernyei, W Driscoll, R Obenauf, and R Thomas
Spectroscopy, Jan 2011.
The authors used a MARS Microwave Reaction System with XP-1500 vessels to digest pet food samples for this study.

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Discover SPD Clinical

Discover SPD Clinical

Digest a clinical sample in under 6 minutes.

Fast and remarkably simple, the Discover SP-D Clinical is specifically designed to digest small samples for clinical applications. This automated system will optimize your laboratory workflow.

• Most digestions complete in under 6 minutes (including cooldown) • Automatically loads and unloads samples • Temperature and pressure control of every sample • Documentation of every sample (software CFR21 part compatible) • Simple-to-use vessels with snap-on caps

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Disocver SPD 80

Discover SP-D 80

Process samples completely unattended. The Discover SP-D is more than the latest technology for microwave digestion: it is a new concept in sample preparation. Discover SP-D is a sequential, pressurized microwave digestion system that processes samples completely unattended, allowing laboratory staff to tend to other tasks. Just load the autosampler press play and walk away. The SP-D will do the rest.
• Complete digests in 10 minutes, including cool down!
• Pressurized vessels with easy snap-on caps
• Patent-pending ActiVent™ Technology automatically controls vessel pressure
• Sample sizes up to 0.5 - 1g (dry wt.)
• Safest technology for microwave digestion
• Individual method programming for each sample
• Full pressure & temperature control for each sample
• Compact – smaller than box-style microwave digestion systems
• Optional automation 24-place deck available – load it and leave it, even overnight
• Pressurized vessels 80-mL quartz vessels with easy-to-use snap-on caps

Available vessels
80-mL vessels - Quartz only
80-mL Teflon® liner

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CEM iLink

iLink: Monitor and control your MARS 6

With iLink you will be able to operate and monitor your MARS 6, or multiple MARS 6 systems, and get the results on your mobile device. You’ll be free to move about the lab and free to focus on other tasks

• Complete digests in 10 minutes, including cool down
• Monitor up to 4 MARS 6 units on your mobile device
• Start or stop a run from wherever you are
• Review past runs and generate lab reports

Mars 6

Mars 6

Better digestions for better analyses
Now with iWave & iLink

For over 30 years chemists have trusted CEM to provide the highest quality microwave digestion systems for their laboratories. The MARS 6 is simply the easiest to use, safest and most intelligent system on the market. It is the only system that uses integrated sensor technology to recognize the vessel type as well as the sample number then apply the appropriate amount of power to ensure the highest quality digest. With options for remote system control and contactless all vessel temperature control, the MARS 6 is ready to handle your most difficult samples.

• Contactless in-situ temperature measurement
• Sensors that detect vessel type and count
• Hundreds of preprogrammed methods
• Easy to use vessels for every application

One-Touch Technology
One Touch is like having a CEM chemist at your side. One Touch Technology features the industries only vessel recognition and counter sensors. This information is fed to the onboard computer which then selects the exact digestion conditions required for the sample load and vessel type. One Touch also has more than 100 pre-programmed methods, including all USEPA methods, as well as on board tutorial videos. With One Touch you simply choose your method and the system does the rest. Relax.... You have One Touch.

iWave Temperature Sensors
iWave is a contactless in-situ temperature sensor that provides the same accuracy afforded by fiber optic probes. Using wireless iWave technology the sample is being measured, and not the vessel. With the ability to accurately monitor each individual sample you get the best control of the digestion process possible and you can create a report that validates that each individual sample reached the proper temperature.

Available Vessels
The MARS EXPRESS vessel has been providing high capacity sample preparation for over fifteen years. It uses a simple three part vessel design, making assembly a snap. It is the vessel of choice for environmental digestions including all USEPA methods (3015a, 3051a and 3052) as well as European Norm methods. With a batch capacity of 40 positions this is the vessel choice for a high throughput lab.

• Easy to assemble 3 piece vessel
• Digest up to 40 samples for your high throughput needs
• Ideal for environmental digestions including USEPA & European Norm methods
• Also digest Foods, Feeds, Fertilizers, Consumer Products, Plant & Animal Tissues

This Xpress plus vessel is based upon the simplicity of the MARSXpress vessel but allows for a larger working volume due to the 110 mL vessel volume. The MARSXpress Plus is designed to run samples similar to the MARSXpress vessels such as: plant and animal tissues, mixed food samples, consumer products, and industrial hygiene. Up to twenty four vessels can be prepared simultaneously to meet the throughput requirements of most analytical laboratories.

• Easy to assemble 3 piece vessel
• Digest up to 24 vessels for your high throughput needs
• Digest larger samples than MARSXpress Vessels
• Broad range of applications

Xpress plus liners can be combined with glass inserts:
Safe, simple, and high-throughput. Other digestion systems using disposable vessels are slow, require dangerous pressures, and can only digest half as many samples. The new CEM glass vessels revolutionize disposability for a fraction of the cost.

• Weigh sample directly into the disposable vessel without static interference

• Prepare a second set while another batch is running
• Up to 24 samples can be digested simultaneously
• Dilute samples directly in the glass vessel
• Load onto ICP autosampler
• Discard vessel – No washing

The EasyPrep Plus vessels are rugged high performance vessels that are good for preparing a wide variety of difficult to digest organic and inorganic materials. These include many types of oils and polymers as well as ceramics and catalysts.

• Easy to assemble
• Ideal for moderate to difficult to digest samples
• High temperature/high pressure vessel
• Broad range of applications

The iPrep™ vessel has higher operating parameters than any other vessel and can digest up to twice as much sample per run. Larger samples ensure homogeneity and increase limits of detection, a plus for any lab.

• Digest difficult organic samples at higher temperatures to achieve a clear digest
• Digest up to twice as much sample per run
• Accurately measure the temperature of every sample with iWave™
• Patented dual-seal design

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Digest Large Sample Sizes and Achieve Lower Detection Limits

Complete digestion of larger size samples have never been easier with the STAR Plus System. It is the only open vessel system that offers a unique patented temperature feedback control, the ability to process samples using different programmable methods, and the safety and convenience of automated reagent addition. The system incorporates one miniaturized reagent pump for every reagent on every cell, eliminating cross contamination of reagents. The STAR Plus System is also capable of evaporating digested samples to dryness.

• Process 2 different samples independently using different
• Automated evaporation of sample and reagent to dryness
• Automated reagent addition
• Pre-programmable "Time-to-temperature" parameters for rapid optimization of methods
• 1 pump per reagent for each individual cell
• Easily digest difficult or highly reactive samples in sizes up to 10g
• Self-contained scrubber system frees fume hood space
• System software tracks reagent supply to prevent depletion
• Software is easy to learn and intuitive to use - requires less than 30 minutes training
• Vessels and condensors in Pyrex, Quartz and Teflon are available.

Fast & Flexible
Process 2 samples independently using different methods with simultaneous or sequential start times. The STAR System uses proprietary microwave technology to ensure rapid, complete digestions in an open vessel system that can handle sample sizes up to 10 grams.

Eliminate handling of hazardous chemicals with the STAR's automated reagent addition. The STAR System is environmentally-friendly. Automated reagent addition eliminates handling of hazardous chemicals and a self-contained vapor scrubber keeps fumes from escaping into the laboratory.

The STAR System features pre-programmable "Time-to-temperature" parameters for rapid optimization of methods.
Vessels for the STAR Plus System
250-mL Pyrex Vessels – Standard vessels for routine applications
250-mL Quartz Vessels – Designed for high temperature applications and acid concentration
250-mL Teflon Vessels – Used for HF and phosphoric acid digestions
Volumetric Pyrex Vessels – Eliminate transfer steps by digesting and bringing sample to volume in a single vessel (50- or 100-mL vessels)

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