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Multi-Parameter Analysis Systems
MANTECH is a leading manufacturer of multi-parameter analysis systems. Whether your laboratory requires a simple pH system or a system with eight parameters, MANTECH can deliver. Every systems is custom made to meet your requirements for sample volume, parameters and sample size. Each system is fully automated by easy to use software and robust robotics.

The PC-Titrate platform is specifically designed to automate different measurements to increase efficiency and reduce the cost per test.
Various analytical detection techniques are available, such as:

  • Direct electrode readings (e.g. pH, Redox)
  • Conductivity meter (probe or flow-through)
  • Ion-sensitive electrodes
  • Titrations (dynamic)
  • Turbidimeter
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometer
  • Each unit can be fitted with a AutoMax Autosampler with rinse pump, reagent addition pumps, burettes, or calibrant valves for a higher level of automation.
    Measurements can be carried out directly in the sample beaker, or in a TitraSip module to allow multiple tests from the same sample cup or beaker.
    The TitraSip will automatically pipet the sample, run multi-parameter analyses, drain the analyzed sample directly to waste and automatically rinse the analysis vessel and probes.

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    BOD is an analysis that benefits from automation. An automated instrument improves the reproducibility in diluting samples with seeded dilution water and adding ATU. After a 5-day incubation period, initial and final results need to be calculated correctly, taking dilution factors and selection rules into account.
    The instrument is fully ISO 5815-1 and EN 1899-1 compliant an is specifically designed for laboratories analyzing a medium or large number of samples per day
    A MANTECH BOD instrument consists of:

  • AutoMax 122 Sampler with 24-bottle BOD-racks
  • YSI 5100 DO-meter and unmodified YSI 5905 DO-probe
  • or
  • YSI ProODO DO-meter with optical luminescence probe
  • Rinse pump for DO-probe and dispensers
  • Fast dilution pump, fills a 300ml bottle in seconds
  • Inhibitor pump
  • PC-BOD interface for system control
  • Level sensor
  • PC-BOD software for full system control, result calculation and rack monitoring

  • For smaller workloads, a BOD Mini instrument is available with the AutoMax 73 sampler which holds 11-bottle BOD-racks.
    This autosampler has a smaller footprint and reduces the purchase price significantly.

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    PeCOD® 15-Minute COD Analysis

    The water quality monitoring system that is fast, accurate, easy-to-use and does not use dichromate.
    The PeCOD® approach measures photocurrent charge originating from the oxidation of organic species contained in a sample to quantify COD.
    The result is that the user obtains the most accurate measurement of organic pollution, in less than 15 minutes, with no use of dichromate or other hazardous chemicals
    PeCOD® is the fastest available method to quantify COD from a wide variety of waste streams, offering users unparalleled access to accurate information to make impactful process control decisions.
    COD analysis simply requires pushing the “run” button and the COD result is displayed in just a few minutes, making COD analysis simple and safe for all operations staff to use.
    Operators no longer have to undertake potentially hazardous operations such as digesting samples with boiling sulphuric acid containing dichromate, mercury and silver salts (the “dichromate method” of COD analysis).
    PeCOD® makes the laboratory a safer place to work, by eliminating the use of toxic and hazardous reagents in COD analysis.
    PeCOD® COD analyzer systems are used around the world and trusted by government regulatory agencies, national laboratories and universities, industrial sites, food & beverage facilities and municipal wastewater facilities.

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    TAN / TBN is a required analysis for the petrochemical sector. MANTECH’s automation has made the analysis of these parameters quick and easy. Using multiple static rinse stations ensures that no contamination occurs between samples and that analysis is performed correctly; first the probes are rinsed in toluene, then IPA and then finally in DI water. MANTECH systems also include an extraction pump to eliminate sample handling after analysis in order to ensure the safety of analysts. The MANTECH TAN/TBN instruments are fully ASTM D664 and ASTM D4739 compliant

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    Kappa Analysis

    MANTECH’s Kappa Analysis System fully automates the analysis of up to 17 pulp or paper samples. The successful automation of the Kappa methodology allows pulp labs to free up operator/technician time, reduce chemical costs, calibrate on-line automated Kappa number analyzers and improve analytical confidence. Advantages

  • Precise and accurate measurements Make better decisions and cut costs with improved confidence in test results
  • Analyzes up to 17 samples in standard tall-form 300mL beakers
  • Decrease laboratory chemicals The kappa methodology cuts the volume of reagents required per test by as much as 6
  • Easy to Use This fully automated system has user-defined autorun buttons which make analysis simple and free of human error
  • MANTECH’s robust hardware is completely controlled by the software
  • All samples are maintained at a constant temperature
  • Adaptable to other applications such as liquors (black, white and green), alkalinity, peroxide, etc.

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