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TSI | Raman Analyzers


Raman systems have three major hardware components: an excitation laser, a spectral dispersing element and a detector. In portable and handheld instruments, these components are miniaturized and fiber-coupled. The lasers in today’s handheld and portable instrumentation are frequency-stabilized solid state devices, which are small, inexpensive and remarkably long-lived. The spectrometers are small grating units, with the Raman scattered light from the sample being transmitted to them through optical fibers. Every component of the current generation of Raman spectrometers have been optimized and ruggedized for field use

Product Overview


TSI | Polymax Plastics Analyzers

PolyMax™ Plastics Analyzer changes the game in plastics recycling and identification, using Raman laser-based technology to validate the chemistry of both light and dark recycled plastic compounds.
The PolyMax analyzer is able to determine all major families and subfamilies of plastics: Polyethylene (PE), Polystyrene, Nylon, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polycarbonate (PC) and Polypropylene. It can even distinguish plastics that are very similar, including: HDPE vs. LDPE, Nylon 6 vs. Nylon 6.6, and ABS vs. SAN.
Finally, this robust handheld instrument can even reliably identify plastic in nearly any form, whether it is in rolls, bales, flakes, sheets, pellets, carpets, scraps, bottles, pallets and or purge.
Put laboratory-grade chemistry analysis in the hand of any team member. Point-and-shoot usability and a rugged design provide your crew consistent and accurate readings no matter who’s using the device.

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Portable Raman

TSI | Portable Raman Analyzers

The EZRaman-I Series are high-sensitivity field portable Raman instruments suitable for laboratory and/or field analysis. The EZRaman-I instrument features a high sensitivity spectrograph with CCD cooled to -50ºC, and a high throughput laboratory fiber optics probe. The available laser excitation wavelengths are: 532nm, 785nm, and NIR. They are ideal for demanding on-site Raman identification, chemical process monitoring in the lab, and for any academic, research, industrial laboratories requiring a portable Raman instrument at an affordable price.

Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Polymers, Biology, Geology/Mineralogy/Gemology Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, Solar cells, Paper & Pulp

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Application Notes




TSI | Assurx 6

The ASSURx instruments provide higher sensitivity and spectral resolution, compared to competing handheld Raman products, to provide broader material coverage and better accuracy for material identification. They can measure through glass or plastics packaging with point-and-shoot operation and offer simple PASS/FAIL results in seconds. They are designed to meet GMP requirements and support 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy with full life-cycle development (IQ/OQ/PQ) documentations.

The rugged and easy to use ASSURx analyzers can be used at the loading dock, in the warehouse, laboratories, or wherever rapid material verifications are required. Their high sensitivity enable 100% incoming raw material verifications to meet the new GMP requirements.


  • Incoming raw materials verification
  • At-line intermediate and final products inspection
  • Counterfeit drug identification

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