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Syrris | Atlas Reaction Calorimeter


The Atlas Batch Reactor can be upgraded to a Calorimeter using either Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC). Atlas PC Software offers truly easy calorimetry operation. Configuration of parameters such as reaction temperature, dosing quantities, expected power level (e.g. moderate endotherm; strong exotherm) and alarms (with subsequent actions) are defined in an easy to use wizard. When running the experiment, everything is controlled automatically including stabilization at desired reaction temperature, reagent addition and in the case of HFC, pre and/or post run calibration. No user intervention is required during the entire process. All data is continually logged to a common csv file and displayed by the software in graph format in real time. The software automatically includes the calibration, compensates for the enthalpy of addition and deviations from isothermal conditions. Analysis is made easy by the Atlas Software featuring “single click” plotting of power and enthalpy.

Atlas Calorimeter

Atlas Reaction Calorimeter

The SFT-110 Supercritical Fluid Extractor (SFE) is an entry level system which possesses many features typically found in more costly SFE equipment. It may be used for a variety of applications from routine analytical work to basic process development. The SFT-110 was developed for people who want to investigate the feasibility of applying supercritical fluid techniques to a wide variety of analytical and processing problems. In addition to its numerous industrial uses, the SFT-110 is well suited to the needs of colleges and universities. It is so affordable that it may be incorporated into teaching laboratories. At the same time, it is capable enough to be used for serious research. The SFT-110 accommodates 10 mL to 100 mL extraction vessels. It may be operated at pressures up to 10,000 psi. (68.9 MPa) and at temperatures ranging from ambient to 200°C. The wide range of vessel volumes available makes the SFT-110 well suited to both analytical scale SFE applications and basic process development work. With a 100 mL vessel, the SFT-110 can extract very low levels of key components from materials and process larger amounts of bulk material than would be possible with smaller, analytical scale SFE equipment. Inside the SFT-110′s oven, a preheater ensures that the temperature of the fluid reaching the extractions vessel is controlled precisely. This is essential to obtaining accurate, repeatable results.

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