Phoenix Flow Reactor


Phoenix Flow Reactor

Multifunctional Module compatible with H-cube Pro™


The Phoenix Flow Reactor™ is an easy to use, high temperature reactor compatible with the H-Cube® and H-Cube Pro™.
A stand- alone version is also available, which can do high temperature homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions without an H-Cube® or H-Cube Pro™.

  • Powerful: Up to 450 °C temperature capability
  • Versatile: Perform reactions in a loop homogeneously or use a range of different cartridges for heterogeneous reagents/catalyst chemistry
  • Innovative: Perform chemistries not possible in a standard lab including a validated procedure to generate novel bicyclic compounds
  • Fast: Slow reactions in seconds
  • Simple: 2 button stand-alone control or via automated touchscreen control on H-Cube Pro™

Different sizes of CatCarts, Loops and Materials are available.

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